We help change-makers to defeat the hidden forces that resist innovation.

Werner Erhard and Michael Jensen call integrity a factor of production, as important as land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. I believe there is another: purpose created and in service to customers and their unmet needs.

When an entrepreneur’s emphasis is always forward, forward, forward, they may never stop to ask whether they’re going the right direction.

There is an epidemic in business that causes them to get off track. In the hustle and bustle of the company, entrepreneurs can easily become distracted by “opportunities” that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Others falsely assume that since they are succeeding in one business, they can succeed in any. Others get bored.

Many things have the potential to distract us from who we can be and what we could create. It’s the shiny stuff – a competitor, a new idea, a new product, or following poor advice that looks like good advice at the time – that keeps entrepreneurs from actualizing their potential in giving their greatest gifts in highest service to the world – and enjoying the process.Our job is to help you to realize your higher purpose – and not let anything distract you from fulfilling it.

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