The Four Exceptional Discovery Questions

We use the WOOP framework to reveal insights that make a difference in discovery.

Why it Matters: Asking customers any question isn’t enough. We must reveal insights that help us create messages and experiences they’ll love. This science-backed process helps.

Going Deeper: We begin with specific moments relevant to customers. We then ask the four exceptional discovery questions.

We capture their replies in a few words. We then repeat for all the moments that matter.

The WOOP framework tells us more than what customers want – it explains why they are unmet.

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Wishes: We ask customers, “What do you want?” We seek their most important goals and concerns.

Outcomes: We follow up with, “Why do you want it?” We listen for the job they’re trying to get done.

Obstacles: We now rub their ideal against reality. We ask, “What’s in your way?” We listen for the root causes.

=Plan: We wrap up with, “What have you done about it?” We gather the metrics they use to judge competing solutions.






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