Going Beyond Management by Intuition

We ideate and run concept-test experiments to show you what to do about customers’ unmet needs – before you invest.

Why it Matters: To drive growth, we must go beyond just measuring and telling you what customers want. We must show you what to do about it based on the data and all the other information we have.

Going Deeper: For example, of our collective concepts and ideas:

Did [x] make a difference? No, so don’t worry about it.

Did [y] make a difference? Yes, it made a 20% difference – but it’s not night and day.

Did [z] make a difference? Yes, it made a 30% difference.

We gather data to show you customer needs, what they mean, and what to change. And as you’re starting to change it, we run experiments with customers to show you what’s working and not.

Ultimately, we find your sweet spot in creating experiences that customers love and work for your business.






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