Redefining Knowledge Work

Ideas for Rearchitecting Workflows to Leverage the Power of Generative Al

We’re all facing increasing pressure to improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining high quality and low costs. Many believe leveraging tools like ChatGPT to streamline and optimize knowledge work and business processes is a promising solution. 

However, simply jamming AI into existing processes may not yield the best results. Instead, we must consider the structure of our processes (using a strategic and data-driven approach) to harness these tools powerfully.

This talk explores:

The critical considerations for rearchitecting knowledge workflow processes for AI, including identifying areas for improvement, assessing the value of AI in each process, and designing optimized workflows

The importance of optimizing before applying automation, engineering prompts, augmenting human decision-making, and unlocking new growth opportunities 

Challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in knowledge work processes






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