About Dark Horse Works

We are passionate about encouraging innovation and defeating the hidden forces that resist it.

Benefit Corp

We are a benefit corporation serving a cause greater than profits.

We donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to the most effective charities, under the guidance of Giving What We Can, Give Well, Founders Pledge, and Longview Philanthropy.


We offer an unconditional, money-back guarantee. Working with us is risk free. If you don’t find our work valuable, we’ll refund our last four weeks of fees, no questions asked.


  • We guarantee our work. We’ll refund our last four weeks of fees if you are dissatisfied, no questions asked.
  • We respond unbelievably fast during business hours.
  • We remember everything you say. Without notes. (We do take notes!)
  • We honor our commitments. We do what we say by calendarizing our word. And if we can’t do something, we’re straight and tell you upfront.
  • We are results focused. Methodologies, models, techniques, and processes are a means to an end.

Hire us when you need a prompt start and effective and timely delivery