We’re in the business of creating the future.

We aim to use the resources we have – our business, our investments, our voice, and our imagination – to encourage innovation and defeat the hidden forces that resist it.

The history of human progress, worldwide, is the history of new ideas put to wonderful new use. We thus focus our business on new ideas and their transformative power. We play an integral role in fostering innovative people, teams, and companies – and, perhaps more radically, that we ourselves are an exemplar of inventiveness in our works and all that we do.

Because it’s not always profitable for investors to invest in basic research, we provide cutting-edge scientists, inventors, and artists with the support that they need. We “invest” in others not just for the promise of subsequent financial reward, but for the social rewards of supporting important works that are not yet sustained by the marketplace. Our goal is no less than to unleash wave upon wave of innovations that create new industries and millions of new jobs.

We believe that innovation can be taught, encouraged, and supported – or suppressed – thanks to actions we take and fail to take. We bring together influential thinkers to investigate the mysteries of innovation and contribute to the growing set of new ideas about how to generate new ideas and choose the best among them. We hold events and provide free resources to spark the creativity and imagination of change-makers. We enable sharing and reuse of our creativity and knowledge to help others to both be inventive in their setting out and approach to accomplish their laudable goals and to overcome the repelling forces that resist them in doing their work.

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